Do You Know Your Own Strength?

My guest blogger this week is Matthew Hagler from Life Paths Research Program.

Stuart Monk/Shutterstock
Source: Stuart Monk/Shutterstock

What is your goal in life: To be happy? Successful? Resilient? Well, how about psychologically regulated? That last one might not be the most popular response to the question, but it should be. And I will tell you why.

Regulatory strengths help us maintain stability in both our emotions and behavior. This is especially true during times of stress, temptation, and conflict with other people. Research shows that regulatory strengths lead to happiness, success, and resilience because they influence:

  • How we treat, interact with, and relate to others.
  • How we overcome temptation to do immoral or illegal things.
  • How we persevere in challenges at work and school.
  • How we deal with current adversity.
  • How we grow from past adversity.

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